As Happy Citizenship, our primary goal is to provide a perfect service to our clients and costumers. To find a fast and effective solution in legal services, citizenship acquisition consultancy, investment consultancy, with 58 law offices in 54 provinces across Turkey, Germany-Cologne, France-Lyon, Netherlands-Amsterdam, China-Shanghai, Bosnia-Herzegovina-Sarajevo, Romania-Bucharest, we have cooperation with law firms in many countries around the world, including Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh, Azerbaijan-Baku, Indonesia-Jakarta, England-London, Qatar-Doha, Iraq-Baghdad, Iran-Tabriz. With our 15 years of investment consultancy and legal service experience, we strive to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information by making the principles of HONESTY-TRUST-Confidentialness the basic building blocks.
In addition to being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Turkey has been among the countries where many foreigners have applied for citizenship in recent years due to its high living standards, natural beauties worth seeing, being a kind of bridge between Asia and Europe and providing easy access to other markets thanks to its geographical location. has gained momentum. To provide the necessary services, especially from the acquisition of citizenship through investment to all ways of citizenship acquisition specified in the legislation, we have combined a young and dynamic staff with an experienced staff who can predict risk analysis from the very beginning, and we have created an expert staff that can carry out the necessary work and transactions in this regard.
Since the issue of citizenship is gaining importance day by day in the current world order, people working on this issue should always keep their knowledge dynamic. We, especially by fusing our young staff with our experienced staff, have developed our office to provide a better service to you, with 15 lawyers who are experts in their fields, 3 foreign relations officers who can work at international level, 3 internal relations officers who carry out domestic bureaucratic business and transactions, and 4 expert investor staff. and we continue to keep it dynamic.
Our office represents its clients in national and international arbitration and cases in national courts in a highly effective and efficient manner. However, as Happy Citizenship, our main goal and approach is to provide preventive and protective legal consultancy services to our clients, and to provide an infrastructure that is needed for commercial continuity and success, whose legal risks are eliminated or at least minimized. Thus, we closely monitor technological developments, analyse all risks that may occur or disappear in the future, and continue our artificial intelligence studies in this direction.