Turkey is one of the countries in the centre of attention of many investors with its fast-growing economy, high young population, strategic location, and ease of opening to other markets. Especially in the last 20 years, the removal of restrictions on foreign direct investments and the implementation of a fairer policy for the investor increase the investment demand in Turkey day by day. With its strong and steadily growing industry and service sector, Turkey hosts approximately 65,000 international high-capital companies in 2022.

Thanks to its geographical location, Turkey establishes a superior dominance in its geography. Turkey, which is a kind of door between Asia and Europe, continues its commercial policies in this direction by melting the advanced technology of the West and the innovative approach of the East in one pot. For this reason, the importance given to both infrastructure services and production centres has increased in recent years and continues to increase day by day. Thus, in recent years, great strides have been observed in both infrastructure services and production services in Turkey. Turkey, which has become a regional base in logistics, is known as Europe's largest in road transport. Making important breakthroughs in the maritime sector, Turkey is expanding its transportation infrastructure day by day. Especially with the completion of One Belt One Road, a China-based mega project, its success in railway transportation will grow even more and Turkey's effectiveness in the region will increase.

Turkey is among the countries that host many tourists with its unique beauties. Many tourists who come for vacation want to own a house in Turkey. It is known that the demand of foreigners to own a house in Turkey has increased especially recently.

Although Turkey is a well-known country in the world for its natural beauties, it also comes to the fore with its history. Every corner of the country has a different history, a different civilization, a different beauty. We have compiled below the cities most preferred by foreign investors in Turkey, which is home to eighty-one cities.