Is It Easy To Get A Turkısh Cıtızenshıp?

In addition to being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Turkey is a country where many foreigners have applied for citizenship in recent years due to its high living standards, extraordinary natural beauties, being a kind of bridge between Asia and Europe and providing easy access to other markets thanks to its geographical location.

According to research, most of the foreigners who want to acquire Turkish citizenship prefer to acquire citizenship by purchasing real estate, the conditions and process of which are easier than others. Purchasing an immovable property in Turkey worth at least $250,000, if you do not sell it within three years from the date of purchase, gives you the opportunity to qualify for Turkish Citizenship.

The construction sector in Turkey is developing day by day and is at the top of the list among the sectors that provide the most financial gain to its investors. So, how should you make the best use of your money in this industry that offers many investment alternatives? Don't worry! Our investment consultants in our team will identify the most suitable and most profitable real estates for you and present them to you, thanks to our knowledge and experience in the sector.

There are multiple ways that a foreigner who wants to acquire Turkish citizenship can apply, and each way has its own application conditions. However, the path, process and required documents will change depending on your concrete situation and the conditions you provide. We recommend that you apply and manage the process together with an expert lawyer. You can contact us for your questions and legal requests on the subject.